Role-Play as a Knight, Thief, Assassin or just a simple citizen in the middle of a Huge Kingdom. The choice is yours. Live your dream, your Medieval Life.
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 Hunt for a Spy in Grosseur

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Kana Suki
Kana Suki

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PostSubject: Hunt for a Spy in Grosseur   Fri Aug 20, 2010 7:33 am

Kana Suki runs towards The Main Center. Running next to a building near The Main Center, he climbs on roof using windows, edges and cracked spots. After Kana Suki is on roof, he runs to the next side looking over the crowd to find the Spy.
He looks left, right, center of crowd. The spy is dressed in a dark brown cloak with a hood covering hes face. As he walks trough the crowd Kana Suki spots a weird looking person going trough crowd.
Kana Suki Jumps off the building landing softly in nearby hay cart, then jumping out of it, he walks toward the mysterious person with fast movement. Slowly changing the movement speed, he starts running towards the person, pushing crowd off hes way. Suddenly when the Person has gotten out of the crowd near a buildings wall, Kana Suki throws Demon's Dagger, that hit's the mysterious person's hood and reveals the mysterious man's face. That's when Kana Suki recognizes the spy from picture.
When Spie's cloak is stuck at wall, he quickly takes it off and runs away.
Kana Suki runs at wall taking Dagger out of it, and runs after the spy.
The spy pushes people off the way, coming upon a stack with barrels and boxes, he pushes it in the way, meanwhile Kana Suki follows the Spy pushing people off the way too and jumping over the crashed barrels and boxes, grabbing a stick that has been layed next to a wall, he throws it at spy hitting the shoulder.
The Spy falls on ground. Just when he was about to stand up to keep running, a blade was putted at hes neck. "Don't move!" Said Kana Suki putting hes Whirlwind Blade at spies neck. Kana Suki holds the spies hands and takes him away.
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Hunt for a Spy in Grosseur
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