Role-Play as a Knight, Thief, Assassin or just a simple citizen in the middle of a Huge Kingdom. The choice is yours. Live your dream, your Medieval Life.
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Medieval Role-Play
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 King Evaldo

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Medieval Role-Play
Medieval Role-Play

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PostSubject: King Evaldo   Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:10 pm

King Evaldo is still a Young Man. But hes not any nice king, he is very strict and disciple is the first thing he asks in a army.
He has long blond hair, with a shiny silver armor and a long sword with gold ornaments makes him feel like a true king. The crowd always cheers upon him, as he walks trough them gallant.
But he loves one thing for sure - theaters.
He does not like to be disturbed, but he acts very smoothly when it happens.
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King Evaldo
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