Role-Play as a Knight, Thief, Assassin or just a simple citizen in the middle of a Huge Kingdom. The choice is yours. Live your dream, your Medieval Life.
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Medieval Role-Play
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 Tutorial for Newbies

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Medieval Role-Play
Medieval Role-Play

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PostSubject: Tutorial for Newbies   Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:02 pm

Medieval Role Play is a forum where you can role-play as a fighter or simple citizen in middle of a medieval world.
To begin your journey in this Medieval World, here is a tutorial that we suggest you to start with:

1. Reading the Rules
Before actually doing anything in this forum, we want you to read our rules.
Click here.

2. Character Creation
Now the creativity starts! Before you start role-playing, you must have a character.
Please read the Character Creation rules, and then use the template to create your character. After your character is going to be approved, you will be able to role-play!
Click here.

3. Getting ready
To create a mount or Weapon, tool, your character doesn't have to be approved. (But to train a Mount, you must have a approved character)
So, if you wish to be a true fighter, then you need tools and weapons. Also, you can create a mount for riding.
Click here for weapon, tool creating.
Click here for Mount creating.

4. Role-Playing
Your Character is approved, you've gotten a neat weapon and a mount. Now we will teach you how to role-play. We do not use such lines as:
Quote :
*Walks in Town* Uh, look, a shop! I should go check it out. *Goes in shop*
We need lines as:
Quote :
TamasineK walks along the Town in a moody day. He goes past a grocery shop made out of stones, with small door and 2 windows. He looks at it thinking: "Perhaps i should check the shop out"
TamasineK entered the shop.

5. Guides and Further help
We suggest you reading some of our guides.
Click here for Guides
And if you need more help, then always be sure to ask us in Help Center.
Click here

We hope this guild helped you, and i hope to see you around this forum!
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Tutorial for Newbies
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